Valentine Week List 2016 Dates Schedule Full List

Valentine Day 2016 is here. So does the other days, here is the list of Valentine Week List 2016, Day wise and date wise list of Valentine Days. As we know, in Valentine Week apart from Valentine Day, there are many other days too celebrated like, Rose Day, Propose Day, Hug Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day and Chocolate Day too. So like every year, this year too, Valentine Week 2016 will start with Rose Day.

Valentine Week List 2016 Dates Schedule Full List

Valentine Week List 2016
1. Rose Day :- 7th February, 2016 (Sunday) - Rose Day SMS
2. Propose Day :- 8th February, 2016 (Monday) Propose Day 2016 - SMS
3. Chocolate Day :- 9th February, 2016 (Tuesday) Chocolate Day 2016
4. Teddy Day :- 10th February, 2016 (Wednesday) Teddy day 2016
5. Promise Day :- 11th February, 2016 (Thursday) Promise Day 2016
6. Hug Day :- 12th February, 2016 (Friday) - Hug Day SMS
7. Kiss Day :- 13th February, 2016 (Saturday) - Kiss Day Sayri SMS
8. Valentine's Day :- 14th February, 2016 (Sunday).

India and Entire world waits for the Valentine's Day all the year and when it comes they celebrate all over a week. From School to colleges, Office to home everywhere people celebrate Valentine Week.

Some people propose to their loved once, some of them gives gift. Everyone of them always try to celebrate Valentine day unique way. We will share some ideas to celebrate Valentine Day 2016.We will also share Valentine Week Day's SMS, Sayri and Wall papers and much more.

Lets check how valentine week has been celebrated and importance of each day of valentine week 2016;

First Day of Valentine week is Rose Day which will be celebrated on 7th February, 2016 (Sunday). This is the first day, beginning of Valentine Week. On this day, you can give Rose (Red, Yellow, White, Pink) to your loved one, who you love, best friend or anyone for whom you feel something. And celebrate Rose Day.

Second day of Valentine Week 2016 is Propose day which will be celebrated on 8th February, 2016 (Monday). As the name suggest, on this day you can propose to anyone you love. Get roses, bouquet, gift, cards and go to your sweetheart and explain your heart, explain your feelings to your beloved one. Here is Nina Callawaywe have listed some best ways to propose.

On Third day of valentine week, you can exchange chocolates between friends or family members. It is most awaited day for chocolate lovers all around the world. As its a official chocolate day of the year, will be celebrated on 9th February, 2016.

Fourth day will be celebrated as Teddy day on 10th February, 2016, where you can gift teddy bear to your loved one. Or even your brothers, sisters and best friends too. Teddy is always a cute and best way to express your feelings. Valentine week is not only about lovers, best friends can also share.

Fifth day of valentine week is Promise Day which will be celebrated 11th February, 2016. Its a day of promise, trust and faith in each other. On Promise day, you can give promise and take promise to each other (from anyone you desire) and you need to committee support and promise to that person.

Sixth Day of Valentine Week is Hug Day, On 12th February, 2016. Give Hugs and receive Hugs. Not necessary that you can only hug lovers, hug anyone and receive hugs in return. A single hug can make someone’s day special, so don’t wait and spread love on hug day.

Just before Valentine day, Kiss Day is celebrated on 13th February, 2016. Well, this might be the most awaited and favorite day among all lovers. Who don’t like to kiss right? We all love to kiss our lovers and so, give kisses. Kiss Day 2016.

The Finale day of Valentine Week is Valentine Day. On 14th February, 2016 (as every year) all over the world, people will celebrate Valentine Day, spend some time with your lover, kisses, hugs, gifts, romantic songs, flowers, talks, jokes, candle light dinner, long ride, short ride, parks. Do whatever you can on this day. This day is belongs to the one whom you love the most, he/she deserve this day along with you.

As per the Valentine Week List, Valentine week ends here. But not necessary that you spend time with your lover on valentine week only. Keep it continues, entire year is for love. In case you are movie lover, you can watch romantic movie this valentine.

Happy Valentine Day 2016! :)


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Anti-Valentine’s Day - After Valentine Week 2016

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Yes, we have Anti-Valentine’s Day, in fact the Anti-Valentine’s Week. We have 7 days before and 7days after the Valentine Day. The Anti-Valentine’s Week begins on 15th February with Slap Day and ends on 21st February with Break-up Day. So, if you had a bad Valentine’s Day and could not able to convince your partner to be with you forever, then you must go with Anti-Valentine Week. 

Anti-Valentine’s Day - After Valentine Week 2016

Anti-Valentine’s Day
Now, what’s that? If you have spent special moments with your partner the whole long Valentine’s Week and still your partner has thrown your gift back to you because they don’t like you at all, then go with the Anti-Valentine. 

>> Valentine Week List 2016

Numerous people out there find their love on the Valentine’s Day, but there are few who could not able to find love or eventually break-up with their partners. Obviously, love is not that easy thing to manage after all. Love is something which needs to be lovingly cared and handled carefully. Every year, on 14th February, we celebrate the Valentine’s Day, which is followed by Anti-Valentine’s Week from 15th February to 21st February. This week is specifically dedicated to those people who recently broke-up with their partners.

CHART FOR Anti-Valentine’s Week

We have a full 7 dedicated days before the Valentine’s Day and full 7 dedicated days after that too, which is the Anti-Valentine’s Week. 

Slap Day (15th February)
The Valentine’s Day is followed by the Slap Day on 15th February. Love is just for those people who really crave for it, but Slap Day is dedicated to those people out there who knowingly or unknowingly have made few wrong decisions about their partners. 

They can give them tight slaps on this day. The Slap Day doesn’t mean that you will get violent, but it particularly means that you just slap off your sentiments or feelings for your lover which gives you pain every day. This is a day dedicated to forget about your past relationships and move on in life. 

Kick Day (16th February)
Slap Day is followed by the Kick Day, which is associated with the break-up of the relationships. It doesn’t mean that you will start giving kicks to your partner. It is specific to those people who are not happy being with their partners, so they can easily kick off their relation. 

Perfume Day (17th February)
Kick Day is followed by the Perfume Day because love never dies or ends. So, buy a good perfume for your partner and get closer to each other. A perfume will help you in improving your nature as well in front of other people. 

Flirting Day (18th February)
As soon as the fever of the Valentine’s Day and the Valentine’s Week has gone, we observe 18th February as the Flirting Day, when you can flirt with other guys and girls out there. 

Confession Day (19th February)
Yes, confession is not that easy thing to do for some people as it is quite really a tough task, yet a lovely thing, if it is love signified. Confession Day comes in after the Flirting Day and is a perfect day for confessing our true feelings in front of our partners. 

Missing Day (20th February)
After Confession Day comes in the Missing Day, which is dedicated to those people who truly remember their loved ones. Though a bizarre, yet a beautiful, romantic and a valuable day to celebrate. It is for recalling all the past relationships, which were and are and will remain always important to us. 

Break-up Day (21st February)
Break-up Day is the last day of the Anti-Valentine’s Week, which is dedicated to all those people who are single or recently had a break-up with their partners. It is not specifically for cutting the relationships, but it is about freeing yourself from the worse relationships. 

So, guys, just go on and celebrate these days too and have fun. Just make evident to all people out there that you are not really happy with the behavior of your lover. Do you think it is right to cry over the spilt milk? No, absolutely not.

7 Days of Valentine Week

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Why to celebrate the love just on Valentine’s Day, when we have the whole dedicated Valentine Week List for it. We all know that on the Valentine’s Day, lovers try hard to take out a little time from their busy schedules and spend it with their partners and do something memorable for them. 

7 Days of Valentine Week 

But, remember that you have the whole dedicated Valentine Week to do something special for your partner. In fact, the Valentine Week starts from 7th February and ends well on 14th February. So, here is your guide for 7 Days of Valentine Week

1st Day of Valentine Week - Rose Day (7th February)
The Valentine Week begins from 7th February, the Rose Day, when you can surprise your partner with a bunch of roses in the morning with a Good Morning kiss on this day. You will get to see your partner getting all mushy with your love and care. You can give a rose to the person who  you like or love and even no one will ever question your intentions. 

2nd Day of Valentine Week - Propose Day (8th February)
The Rose Day is followed by the Propose Day, the second day of the Valentine Week. This day is ideal for those people who want to propose their partners for taking their relationship ahead or want to propose a person whom they like for friendship. This is one of those days of the year when we see numerous people hooking up with each other. 

3rd Day of Valentine Week - Chocolate Day (9th February)
After giving a bunch of Roses with a proposal for a lifetime relation, comes in the Chocolate Day, when you can surprise your loved one with a box of chocolates. It is a sweet treat which will definitely help you in impressing your lover on this Chocolate Day. Also, chocolate is one of those gifts with which you can’t go wrong with. 

4th Day of Valentine Week - Teddy Day (10th February)
If you are one of those lovers who love to get mushy with their partners must not miss the Teddy Day because teddies are the girl’s best friends and thus, she would love to have a teddy with whom she can sleep at night hugging it. We should be thankful to all the young lovers because of whom the sales figures of teddies have never gone down. 

5th Day of Valentine Week - Promise Day (11th February)
Coming of the 5th day of the Valentine Week, the Promise Day, which is significant for people out there as it is the best time to complete and make new promises with your partners or friends. This is the particular day when you can make up for all those missed opportunities as well as assure your partner for the future. You can make everything wrong, right on this day. 

6th Day of Valentine Week - Kiss Day (12th February)
On this Kiss Day, just seal your promises with a kiss. Though you can kiss your partner every day, but don’t miss out on the kiss day. This day is celebrated among people all over the world and even in some places, people celebrate it in hordes at a particular place. 

7th Day of Valentine Week - Hug Day (13th February)
A Hug can make us feel better every time we feel alone and this is what the seventh day of the Valentine Week is all about. Share your tight and warm hugs with your partner or friends to assure them that you care and love them. 

Final Day of Valentine Week - Valentine’s Day (14th February)
Finally, the Valentine Week, ends with the most romantic day of the year, the Valentine’s Day. On this day, the couples dress up themselves in their beautiful, hot and sexy outfits as well as head to a party with their friends and lovers. 

Well, this is not all, but on this day, you can even buy and gift your lovers a beautiful gift. No matter how you celebrate the day, the spirit of the celebrating the Valentine’s Day remains the same, i.e celebration of love and romance with your partner.

Valentine Week Days Name 2016

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We are moving in the Valentine Week soon and will celebrate this day with our loved ones. But before that we obviously need the whole details about the Valentine Week List, especially the week day name. 

Valentine Week Days Name 2016

Valentine Week Days Name
Is it right? Obviously yes, this is the reason why you came here. You really need not to explain or say anything, because we are here with a dedicated site for the beautiful week of the year, the Valentine Week. From the first day, 7th February of the last day, 14th February, we have all the information listed here.

Many people call the Valentine Week, a Romantic Week or a Week of Love, but it is a Valentine Week of Love, the week of romance. So, celebrate the week with full of energy and love. Celebrate it in such a way that this week won’t come back again. 

Treat these days as the golden days of your life and if you will celebrate the week with your loved ones, it will only create romantic and sweet memories forever. The day is not just about the romance or love, but even for remembering our good friends as well to celebrate the moments of friendship with each other.

Let’s not waste more time now, and here we have the Valentine Week Days Name. 

Rose Day (7th February)
The first day of the Valentine Week when the lovers give a red rose to each other and friends give yellow roses to their friends. 

Propose Day (8th February)
It is the second day of the Valentine Week when people propose each other for lifetime friendship or propose their partner for marriage. 

Chocolate Day (9th February)
It is the third day of the Valentine Week when people gift their friends or partners for their sweet and cute lovers. 

Teddy Day (10th February)
It is the fourth day of the Valentine Week when people gift each other a cute, cuddly teddy bear, which is the loveliest toy of the girls. So, don’t forget to gift your wife or girlfriend a teddy bear this Valentine Week.

Promise Day (11th February)
It is the fifth day of the Valentine Week when people complete their previous promises made or generate some new ones to keep their relationship strong and healthy. 

Hug Day (12th February)
It is the sixth day of the Valentine Week when you send people the best greetings to give them a tight hug virtually, telling them that you are always with them to make the relationship strong. 

Kiss Day (13th February)
It is the seventh day of the Valentine Week when people complete their relationship by kissing each other and helps in removing all the misunderstandings. 

Valentine Day (14th February)
Finally, the last day of the Valentine Week, this makes the love between two people complete. 

So, the Valentine Week starts from 7th February (Rose Day) and ends on 14th February (Valentine Day). This day is observed every year on 14th Februrary to celebrate the love. People even call Valentine Day as the Festival of Friendship because we also do love our friends and family, and can celebrate the day of love with them as well. Guys, enjoy and have fun this Valentine.

Valentine Week Chart 2016

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We all know that why we celebrate Valentine’s Day, it is a day which marks the tribute to Saint Valentine and the day celebrates the love in its purest form. In order to help those starry-eyed, dreamy lovers, we celebrate Valentine’ s Day. Within a week or two, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with our partner or loved ones. 

Valentine Week Chart 2016

Though we can celebrate this day with our parents or friends or siblings, yet it is marked significantly for the lovers. A lot of people plan to confess their love for their partners on this special day and even some of them propose their partners for the marriage as well. So, we celebrate the Valentine Week for those lovers, which ultimately celebrated as Valentine’s Day.

Beginning with the first day of the Valentine Week, 7th February is the Rose Day followed by Propose Day on 8th February, Chocolate Day on 9th February, Teddy Day on 10th February, Promise Day on 11th February and Kiss and Hug Day on 12th and 13th February respectively, finally leading to the Valentine’s Day on 14th. (Note: Some people celebrate Hug and Kiss Day interchangeably).

No doubt, we all eagerly wait for the most romantic day of the year, i.e. the Valentine Day. Some people even start searching for the Valentine Week Chart. So, here we are with all the information which you need. Guys, enjoy the week of love and romance with your partner.
Valentine Week Chart 2016

So, beginning with the roses comes in the special day of Valentine Week with a candlelight dinner with your partner. So, its high time guys start preparing yourself for this Valentine Day and don’t forget to celebrate each day of the Valentine Week (you can check the chart above). Don’t forget to propose or give chocolates to your lady or a cute teddy bear for her. The Valentine Day will soon come in on your door when you can shower all your love on your partner and capture the bond forever.

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5 Unique Dating Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2016

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Just in a week or two, we will enter into the week of love, i.e. the Valentine’s Day Week. The most romantic day for the lovers all around is knocking at our doors and we, the people are getting ready to celebrate the day with the people whom we love. There are a lot of those starry-eyed lovers who already started the planning to celebrate the day with their partner. 

Unique Dating Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2016

Dating Ideas
Also, there are numerous people out there who really can’t think of any romantic thing for their partner and thus we are here for those. Today, we will be sharing some of the best and unique ideas for Valentine’s Day. So, this year as well the Valentine’s Day Week list remains the same, as usual starting from 7th February to 14th February. You all must be looking for some unique dating ideas for Valentine’s Day, so read on further to know about it.

Chick Flick Marathon

The most easy as well as the basic unique idea for dating on Valentine’s Day is to spend your day with your partner at a solace place. You just have prepare the playlist with the right and romantic songs, so that it helps in creating a romantic atmosphere. You can even order food and drinks from outside and watch TV together and cuddling together.

Try recreating your first date

Unique as well as the most impressive idea for dating on Valentine’s Day. Following this idea needs a good memory with a little bit of work for making the day just perfect for you both. Decide the venue where you first met or walk down to those streets where you first kissed each other as well as have a cup of coffee at that same coffee shop where you both had your first drinks together.

Cook for your partner

You are just a week or two away from the Valentine’s Day, so start searching for some good recipes and prepare a nice dinner for your lover with your technique and unique presentation. Cooking for your partner is a big turn on as well as helping in making some incredibly amazing meals without spending much money. Among all, don’t forget to decorate the dining room as well as keep it a classy one and present a printed menu to your partner.

Get a sports car on rent

You really need to have a glamorous lifestyle to spend a day with your partner because you can even get a sports car on rent. Put yourself in those classy clothes of yours and drive your partner to the romantic places in a rented sports car. The high speed and a quick acceleration of the sports car will give you an amazing experience this valentine’s day.

Go for shopping or hit the clubs

Get your partner the new classy clothes or a sexy lingerie with a nice shirt or dress along with few gifts, like a watch or a pendent. It is a day when you both can get along with each other freely in love. If you are a party animal, then you can obviously hit the clubs for dancing, drinking and enjoying your day.

So, these are the best and the unique dating ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Best Romantic Whatsapp Status for Valentine Day

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Are you looking for the Best Romantic Whatsapp Status? here is the list and collection of best romantic whatsapp status. Use this whatsapp status for valentines day 2016 and enjoy love romance in this season. 

Best Romantic Whatsapp Status for Valentine Day

Romantic Whatsapp Status
1. When I miss you, it's like every song I listen to is about you.

2. I'm not afraid to try again. I'm just afraid of getting hurt for the same reason.

3. You can fake a smile, but you can't fake your feelings.

4. When you really care about someone, their happiness matters more than yours.

5. Someone who really loves you sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, how hard u are to handle, but still wants u in their life.

6. I want someone who will stay with me no matter how hard I am to be with.

7. I don't have a boyfriend who gives me his jacket when I'm cold, but I have one who will hug me.

8. Even though I see you all the time, I still get butterflies every time you look my way.

9. I'm not perfect. I will annoy you, make fun of you, say stupid things, but you'll never find someone who loves you as much as I do.

10. Sometimes I wish I could read your mind to find out how you really feel about me.

These are the best romantic whatsapp status you can send to your loved one and your lover this valentines day. IF you want more Romantic Whatsapp Status, just comment below and we will give many more list of whatsapp status.

Hope this valentine week, these status are enough to impress your loved one.