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Welcome to the First Date Tips Guide!  People have different opinions about how someone should act on the first date.

  The first date is very important to everyone.  Imagine that you are going on a date with a very beautiful person and you really want to have a second date with this person.

  Obviously, the advice for the first date for men differs from those for women and it also depends on the type of relationship you want with the other person, the age of the people, etc.

  Because the tips differ, we will divide them into the following categories:

Tips for the first date for men

First Date Tips
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Regardless of how confident and outspoken your friends and peers may seem on the subject, trust me, first date nerves don't get better with age!  In fact, you may even find that it is worse once you are away from childhood because you think you should know all the answers.

  Sadly, many of the questions involved are simply unanswered, therefore there is no point in criticizing yourself for it.  There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to dating, regardless of what those expensive but miraculous self-help guides lead you to think.  Not really, but there are a few tips you can follow to at least give you a decent start in the right direction:

  1 - Location, location, location

Ok, this is not literally your first date (sorry if it is!) And neither is hers.  So that classic idea of   a movie and a diet may have been fun for her the first few times, but all it shows now is a lack of imagination and character.

  So, try to think of something a little different ... of course this does not mean that you have to get carried away and organize a hot air balloon to Mexico or go bungee jumping from the Petronas Towers, but even something as simple as bowling or bowling.  ice.  skating will show at least that you are using your brain.  Also, if she doesn't like the idea, she will most likely let you know!

  2 - Confidence (within reason!)

There is nothing more attractive than a man who shows up on a first date and talks about nothing more than how badly his ex treated him, the resulting broken heart, and the need to find someone better.  In fact, this will work a thousand times, but unless you like those odds, I suggest you can!

  No, instead, now, more than ever, trust is the key to success;  After all, you are trying to sell yourself, so stick with the positives, regardless of how deep you have to dig to find them.  However, if you find this confidence deviating from the line into arrogance, do it as quickly as possible or you risk disaster at the other end of the scale.  Nobody likes a miserable complainer, but a boast can be just as nasty!

  3 - Toilet… figurative and physical

  It goes without saying that if you arrive at your first date looking like you've recently been dragged back by a thorny bush, you're unlikely to get many favors.  Again, it may be considered charming once in a blue moon, but as a general rule, a clean never fails.  The shower, shaving, and shirt may seem a bit cheesy and old-fashioned, but they are dated for a reason ... it works !!  Aside from physical preparation, it's never a bad idea to look at your overall personality and outlook and perhaps think of a minor revision.

  For example, if you live in your parents' basement and spend five hours a day playing video games, this will hardly help you catch a long-term catch, you are more likely to see them heading for the hills.  Consider your dreams, aspirations, life goals, etc.

First date tips for women

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Are women as clueless as men when it comes to the subtler aspects of dating?  Well, the short answer is yes, simply because there is no one-size-fits-all solution to all successful dating or relationships in general.  Although many of the pitfalls may be different, there are a myriad of similarities that make the first date, as it can be for men, one of the most harrowing encounters a woman can face.

  This in itself can bring her some comfort in knowing that you are both in the same boat, although to a little more advantage, she certainly can't help keeping these tried and tested tips in mind:

  1 - The scent of a woman

  If it is true that the first bite is actually with the eye, the second is with the nose.  As cliche and obvious consideration as it may seem, fragrance selection can literally make the difference between the beginning of something beautiful and the one that got away.  A good scent can attract and awaken a person in a way like no other ... this is simply scientific fact.

  Also, men are inherently highly sensory animals, so take advantage of this to your advantage with perfumes and shampoos designed for the sole purpose of attracting and teasing.  Of course, self-control is essential, as excess water is more likely to promote watery eyes and spontaneous combustion than arousal.

  2 - Turn off the phone !!!

  Yes, you have a busy social life, yes, you are a dedicated worker and yes, you are eager to know that your dog sitter is doing her job correctly, but texting and playing on mobile phones anytime during a first date  he is nothing less than the Antichrist of romance !!  Regardless of your intentions or commitments, texting during a date does nothing more than instill concern in your date that he has 101 other things on his mind that are more important than him.

  You may find it impressive how many people are eager to talk to you about your big date, but they can and should wait!  Lose your phone or lose your chance!

  3 - Share ... but not everything

  Honesty is the best policy and you practice it perfectly.  Plus, your date is one of the best listeners you've ever come across and can't get enough stories, right?  Incorrect!  Listening, regardless of what you say to him, is probably one of his top three dating tips, so he's probably just doing it out of courtesy.  Feel free to share, enjoy anecdotes, and even trust a bit, but for the love of God, remember to get out for a breath every now and then.

First date tips for Boys'

First date
Boys First Date Tips

 Okay, here's the situation ... as if you don't have enough to deal with already in this already turbulent and stormy time in your life, you've left and have a date with the girl of your dreams, or at least one that  finally said yes to your offer!  Chances are, assuming this is your first date, you have no idea what to do, what to expect, and possibly even consider canceling to save face.  Well don't do it !!  Frankly, there is no such thing as a first textbook quote and everyone has to go through the learning process at some point.  With that in mind, some basic considerations can make it a lot less painful when taken into account:

  1 - Be yourself

  An important part of the first date, not to mention your entire life in general, is remembering that whatever acts you do or the stories you embellish will eventually come to light, to your detriment.  Whoever agrees to go on a date with you wants to spend time with you, so put aside the overconfident alter ego you might be planning to adopt and go for your natural self.  This will not only help you figure out whether or not you are a good match, but it will also be much more relaxing for you.  Of course, life is full of little white lies that we all use to our advantage, but be careful where these and the real problems begin!

  2 - They're in this together!

  It's natural to feel like there's never been a single person in the world who feels as nervous as you are right now, but there is ... and you're going to go on a date with them!  Regardless of whether it is the first, second, third or hundredth time that you go out, every first date is unique and therefore impossible to predict.  It can help her preparation and concentration to endlessly remembering that you are both on the same vote and that she is certainly at least 99.99% as nervous as you, possibly more.  With this in mind, you will find that there is no need to hide your nerves, which will ultimately relax you both and make the date that much more enjoyable ... hopefully the first of many!

  3 - Have fun !!

  As obvious as this may sound, one of the key things both genders seem to completely forget during too many dates is how to have fun.  I mean, the reason they both agreed to go on a date is that they both think it will be an enjoyable, enjoyable and, yes, "fun" experience, so what do you gain by taking it so seriously?  The truth is, accidents do happen, shirts get stained, wine glasses break, and bodies backfire with unfortunate sound effects ... but the stiffer and shaky you are, the more likely one or more of you are!  these happen!  Also, if something adverse happens, there is nothing worse than that overreaction.  Let a little mishap ruin your night and you can guarantee it will be your first and only date, but laugh and not only will you win the favor, but you'll have the foundation of some wonderful commonalities to remember later.

First date tips for girls
Women first date tips
Women First Date Tips

  Approaching any first date is fraught with as much chaos and worry as it is excitement and anticipation, often more so in the case of the fair sex.  Girls share the same dating doubts and concerns as boys, with the added problem of additional vulnerability.  As with any other first date advice, it's important to remember that your date will undoubtedly share the vast majority of your concerns, so you can at least be happy knowing that you are not alone in your doubts.  If there were hard and fast rules to eliminate worries and ensure a perfect date, you would indeed be a wealthy person, but in the absence of such, there are some tips that are always worth remembering:

  1 - A shared problem ...

  It goes without saying that a never-ending speech about your problems, insecurities, and a generally bleak world outlook won't win you much favor in the dating world - quite the opposite, in fact.  However, if you limit your whining and moaning to the topic of the date itself, you may be surprised at how many commonalities you already have with your partner without even realizing it.  Yes, it took you a week to choose your outfit, 48 hours in the bathroom to get ready, and a day and a half more for your hair to behave, but guess what?  Exactly the same is true for him!  The truth is that you already share a lot of the feelings, doubts and the military regime that you applied to prepare for the date, so if you are not sure of something to talk about, try a topic that you know he will understand!

  2 - Open your mind

  You may be a picky eater by nature, which, okay, isn't necessarily your fault, but it can be a somewhat annoying trait for those around you, I'm sure you won't deny it.  If you fit into this category, there is nothing to say that you have to change your habits overnight, but it will certainly benefit your date greatly if you exercise a little control.  Endless reviews regarding food and drink or generally being picky when it comes to selection could give the impression that you are a bit on the high-maintenance side, even if this is far from the standard!  truth!  Of course, no one expects him to suddenly become a fan of something that he has frankly hated since birth, but avoid lifting your nose many times, especially towards something that he hasn't even tried yet.

  3. Know to Say No

  Aside from the standard concerns that everyone has regarding first dates, any level of insecurity and vulnerability in a girl can escalate self-doubt to an almost intolerable point.  For example, what happens if she wants to go to a place that I don't like?  What if he wants to do something that I don't?  Also, what if he just hated the date in its entirety?  All very real and common concerns, so the ability to say "no" is one of the most important things to remember when an appointment approaches.  You should be aware that you never have to agree to anything at any time just because you think it is the right thing to do or say.  If your brain says no, your mouth says no, it's as simple as that!  Realizing that you have an easy alternative to adverse encounters and situations can help you relax for the rest of the date rather than wasting time worrying about what might happen.  In fact, it is a small word with a great purpose.

First date tips for interracial people


First date tips
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The world has come a long way in recent years when it comes to equality and open-mindedness.  In fact, it wasn't long ago that interracial dating was punishable by jail time.  Fortunately, this is no longer the case and the topic is one that is actively encouraged across the board in order to promote multicultural development and greater equality across the board.  However, broaching the subject can be especially difficult for beginners, as the standard first-date concern is magnified by possible differences in etiquette and social practices.  Pave a potential minefield for a disaster.  However, there are some tips that can make the matter a lot less stressful for everyone involved:

  1 - Core values

  Regardless of a person's background, race, color, or creed, we are generally all instilled with the same core values ​​regarding emotion, love, insecurity, and sensitivity.  As such, it's important to remember that in addition to intrinsic cultural differences, you probably have more in common with your date than you might imagine.

  2 - Common ground

  Although it is human nature to question what we do not fully understand, it is important not to focus directly on the differences between you and your date.  Doing so could simply give the impression that you are too different to be compatible, with the possibility of a second date.  Instead, try to establish common ground and focus on topics that interest you both.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with talking about your different cultures and backgrounds, but make sure it is well balanced with other topics.

  3 - Subsidies

  It goes without saying that every culture in the world has its different form of etiquette and social interaction.  In simple terms, a common practice in one culture may seem completely different, potentially rude in another.  Therefore, it is incredibly important to keep an open mind and overreact to instances without understanding them first.  If your date is behaving in a seemingly strange manner, ignore the matter completely and try to bring it up later in the conversation with a lighthearted approach.  When done carefully, this can provide a wonderful talking point and humorous topic for both of you.

  4 - Research

  Although it may seem a bit unnatural and robotic, studying the history and cultural attributes of your date before the meeting can be an invaluable way of ensuring that the occasion runs smoothly and without misunderstandings.  Also, a moderate level of understanding can show your date that you've shown a genuine interest in them and their backgrounds, which is an attractive quality.  Don't get carried away though, as quoting endless quotes, facts, and statistics is unlikely to get you any favors.

First Date Tips Conversation Topics

First date

  Awkward silences are an event that almost everyone will face at some point in their lives, although there may be few more traumatic examples than those encountered during a first date.  In fact, having nothing to say to each other is people's main concern in the run-up to a first date, to take the presidency over everything else.  Since everyone's tastes and interests are different, there are no hard and fast rules that can guarantee a successful conversation and maximum compatibility, although there are some tips to help even the shyest and most withdrawn guy avoid awkward silences whenever possible:

  1 - Balancing gossip

  It has been said that talking about others and their affairs makes you gossip, while talking only about yourself makes you unequivocally boring.  However, inviting your partner into the conversation by balancing the conversation and listening carefully is the best way to keep the flow going.  A healthy mix of gossip and a few details about yourself can do wonders when combined with an active interest in your date and her overall personality.  Balance is key, as a large amount of any of these can result in social suicide.

  2 - Enjoy the silence

  If you do hit a brick wall at any point where neither of you has anything interesting to say, that in itself is a great conversation starter!  Why not break an awkward silence by discussing awkward silences along with how silly it makes you feel when you run out of valid topics?  This may seem like an odd approach, but if you're both really out of ideas, a bit of lighthearted relief in the form of a mutually embarrassing problem could be the ticket to get the ball rolling again.

  3 - Current events

  While it is a less than attractive quality to treat a date like an ongoing newsletter, citing endless facts and quoting about the fluctuating mortgage system in the Philippines, So a little careful research on the biggest news stories can go a long way.  Not only will this allow you to actively contribute to any topic mentioned by your date, but you'll also have the perfect repertoire to break awkward silences.

  4 - Open questions

  One of the biggest conversation killers in all walks of life is the use of closed questions.  In essence, by allowing the possibility of simple "yes" or "no" answers, it is left open to a question and answer session that is more like an interrogation than a conversation.  As such, limit yourself to open-ended questions that require an explanation.

How to plan First date on a budget

First date

Love you dear

As exciting as the prospect of a first date may be, it cannot be ignored that the procedure is, in general, quite expensive, to say the least. Meals, drinks, flowers, chocolates, and even movie tickets tend to cost a small fortune these days, requiring a fairly deep pocket to be able to provide any of them for you and your date. Needless to say, the matter can be a nightmare for those on limited budgets, although there are a number of options guaranteed to impress without breaking the bank:

1- Picnic

If financing an expensive dinner is out of the question, why not consider hosting a picnic? Rather than simply acting as a cheap alternative, a picnic is a centuries-old approach to dating that can provide an atmosphere and experience simply beyond the domains of the average restaurant. A blanket, a few sandwiches, sandwiches and a bottle of wine are enough to give the impression that the picnic was not a second option, but a carefully planned and thoughtful gesture that is guaranteed to impress.

2 - Cooking

For a less weather-dependent alternative to the picnic, why not consider cooking a meal at home? Again, while this provides an incredibly affordable alternative to the restaurant, the gesture of personally cooking a meal along with a bit of atmosphere with candles and music can seem a thousand times more thoughtful than simply paying for dinner. Of course, keep a pizza menu on hold in case your recipe turns out to be a disaster.

3 - Movies

In a similar approach to the idea of cooking, when the prices of movie tickets and concessions turn out to be completely out of reach, why not bring all the magic of the cinema experience to your own home? Renting some good movies, cooking the popcorn, and filling the fridge with ice cream will likely cost less than a single movie ticket, although the idea of the gesture itself may be worth its weight in gold. Bonding through a comedy or hiding from a horror movie can be one of the best ways to spark conversation and interest between two daters. However, it is highly recommended that a thorough cleaning be carried out before even considering this option.

4 - Free listings

If you are lucky enough to have a little background information on your date's interests, it may be a good idea to search local theaters and music charts where hundreds of free events are advertised each week. By carefully selecting something appropriate, you can provide an amazing night to remember along with demonstrating your desire to please your date and learning more about her. All this from a free event ... surely it doesn't get better than that.


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