This Valentines First Date Tips 2021


  Feel good.  Helps dating in Paris and anywhere on the planet.  It radiates dynamic energy.  Smile and breathe joy and happiness as if you were on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  Find the right place for your date.  Make sure you give your date the feeling that every moment you spend together is precious.

First Date
First Date

  Looking good.  Dress well before dating.  Make up well.  Be the best you can.  I give you a very important advice, think about your shoes.  Some people are so ridiculous in their shoes.  Shoes reveal your whole personality.  They can talk more about you than any psychiatrist.  So please don't ruin your style.

  Smells good.  Soap, shower gel, toothpaste, floss, perfume, deodorant, and bath water are your best dating weapons.

  Be good.  Show that you are fun to be with and that the dating sun is shining on your head!  When you first show up for your dating appointment, if your heart is beating faster and faster, you can be sure you are in luck.  Good dating tip to relax: breathe in and out.


  Dating is an art, but more than anything a state of mind.  Being positive is good advice.


  Do not moan.

  Don't talk about past relationships.

  Don't use "no" every 5 seconds.

  Do not use repetitive negative phrases: "I do not like", "I hate".

  Don't complain about your boss, your job, your ex, or your situation.

  Sending too many negative signals can become a huge detour.  Nobody wants to enjoy spending time with a loser or someone who accumulates problems.

  Don't share your misery.

  Came on a date, looking for something wonderful, not to help you get out of misery.  As a date, your job is to make your partner go home and think, "God, I feel so good about him / her!"

  A positive attitude is always a great excitement.

  Don't empty your bag of problems.  Read on for dating tips on our site  If you want to confess: go to church, not dates.

  Don't say, "I don't like the rain in London."  Say: "I love Paris in the summer."

  You see it?  Little things like that change the whole environment.

  Don't say, "I hate whiskey."  Just say, "I love French champagne with strawberries."


First date plan
Romantic Date

  Dating romance is magical.  Have a higher state of mind than you are used to.  Many people are average or uninteresting because they don't know how to take time and be romantic when dating.  It doesn't mean feeling superior to the world or your date, but smarter, more respectful, and polite.  Pay attention to the smallest details in the conversation and show that you are considerate.  Good listening skills mean listening carefully.

  Be funny.  Don't be afraid to start the conversation.  Be romantic and sexy with your attitude, your hands, your legs, your bust, your eyes.  Maintain eye contact, enhance the magic of non-verbal communication, and smile.  You will make the difference.


  With waiters, waitresses, hostesses, hostesses, taxi drivers or anyone else.  Good dating advice is to give advice.  Your partner will consider both the way you interact with strangers and with him / her.  The waiter could be her brother, her neighbor.  The waitress could be her sister or her best friend or just her a few months or years ago.

  Keep in mind that most people have done small jobs, and even if they are well off by now, they never really forget the difficult times they had during their early professional experiences and the power of human stupidity.

  If the green beans are undercooked or the burger is cold, don't be upset.  It's not the waitress's fault.  She probably started yesterday and will leave next week.


  You've only got one life.  Enjoy it, don't destroy it.

  Note: this doesn't mean that if you go on a date, you end up in bed, of course.  Deciding when you want to make love is YOUR choice, regardless of what people may tell you.  First, take the time to find out what's in the package.  It is YOUR own decision and it can be taken as long as you want until you really feel safe, confident, and genuinely care about your partner.  There are no age limits to do it for the first time.  The only thing is to do it with the right person when you are ready to do it and when you really want to do it, not before.

  But please don't get on a boat without a life jacket.


First Date Tips
First Date Tips

  Have fun and share your feelings and emotions.  Live to be loved and love to believe.  Believe in the magic of life and love.

  Hey, if you haven't kissed yet, you have to schedule another date.  Don't wait until the last minute.

  Be careful, if they say "I'm busy all day, and probably the next ten years" ... you may be in the ejection seat, watch your head!

  You can seduce people, but you cannot change people's lives.  You can't make people love you.  Otherwise, everyone would be president and it would be a disaster.

Feel free to show your true feelings from time to time.  Look at him, your eyes alight with passion.

  When it's time to part ways, just say: thank you, it was great ... Walking through the woods, climbing the hill, looking at the stars, rollerblading, going to the dentist (who knows? :-) ..  With you.

  Why say this?  Because these last words will vibrate the rhythm of love for you like sweet music on an exotic sandy beach.


First date
Lovly moment

  Tender kiss on the cheek, transform it or not?

  The time has come, if you have not kissed yet and if you feel that you can take the step.  Then relax, show someone special that you are not in a rush.

  Take your time and give him a tender kiss on the cheek.  Think back to the previous 5 minutes and assess the situation.  You can touch it to see how it reacts.  Girls, you can stumble.  Guys, you can help her for any reason.  Any real physical contact, hands, fingers, arms, shoulders will give you a good idea of ​​how much the other likes you.  This non-verbal communication will tell you more than words if that special someone invites you and welcomes you to invade their space.

  All this information will help you to transform or not your tender kiss on the cheek into a fiery and passionate fiery kiss.

  Tip: To start with, holding a hand and hugging is much more romantic than giving a direct kiss.  Helps build confidence and desire.  Be patient.  I want you to be a good pilot.  Therefore, you will not fall into flames and you will know exactly where to place your lips.



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