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  Welcome to the First Date Tips Guide!  People have different opinions about how someone should act on the first date.   The first date is very important to everyone.  Imagine that you are going on a date with a very beautiful person and you really want to have a second date with this person.   Obviously, the advice for the first date for men differs from those for women and it also depends on the type of relationship you want with the other person, the age of the people, etc.   Because the tips differ, we will divide them into the following categories: Tips for the first date for men Lovers times Regardless of how confident and outspoken your friends and peers may seem on the subject, trust me, first date nerves don't get better with age!  In fact, you may even find that it is worse once you are away from childhood because you think you should know all the answers.   Sadly, many of the questions involved are simply unanswered, therefore there is no point in criticizing yours